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Tungsten Steel Nozzle Leakage Inspection Method
Apr 24, 2018

Open the oil pump cover and start the engine operation of the small throttle, visible internal leakage of the fuel pump, if the surface of the cylinder piston and plunger shoulder surface oil, can be wiped off, the flow of the small bubble roller mechanism, and then step by step review the blade surface Washer plunger, plunger defect or wear may leak oil, no foam should be considered is the fuel pump problem, remove the fuel pump assembly, remove the hollow screw into the tube fuel pump, the fuel pump inlet is linked to the pump will block port.

Check why the tungsten steel nozzle leaks oil. Find the cause according to the location of the oil leakage. Some of the pump cover is not tight. When the engine is fueling, it may leak from the cover, and the device itself is worn out. Severely, there are problems with the fuel installations, which increase the fuel consumption of the engine. You can start to check for problems where you are, and find out the reasons to solve them. Some people, after all, are not professional, or are looking for professionals to check for maintenance.

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