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PDC Bit For Industry Classification
Apr 24, 2018

1. Composite exploration drill bit for geological exploration

The composite drill bit, which is mainly used for geological exploration and exploration, is suitable for soft to medium-hard rock formations. Now, some new manufacturers' newly developed composite composites can be applied to the ten-hardness rock formations.

2. The coal drill uses composite drill bit

It is mainly used for drilling and excavation of coal seams on coal mines. In general, the rock formations in coal fields are relatively soft, and composite drill bits are used in a large number of applications, such as anchor bits and three-blade drill bits.

3. Composite drill bits for oil exploration

The drill bit is mainly used in oil and gas fields. At present, the composite drill bit for oil fields is the highest in cost and highest in requirements for all composite drill bits. It can be said to be a nobleman inside a composite drill bit.

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