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How To Buy Carbide Tungsten Steel Strip
Apr 24, 2018

1. It is very important to understand the alloy grades when choosing hard alloy bars, that is, the physical performance parameters of hard alloy bars.

2. When you want to check the dimensions of the hard alloy square bar, the carbide bar with precise dimensions can reduce your time for many deep processing, thereby increasing your production efficiency and reducing and reducing your processing costs.

3, when choosing the hard alloy square bar, pay attention to the flatness of the test plane, the tolerance of the symmetry and other shape and position, the hard alloy bar with high precision of the shape and position tolerance makes the product quality higher, and the processing is much simpler. .

4, when buying hard alloy square bar, pay attention to check whether the edge of the edge collapse, missing corners, rounded corners, rubber, bubbling, deformation, tilt, overheating and other undesirable phenomena. High-quality carbide rods do not suffer from the aforementioned unfavorable phenomena.

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