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Carbide Ball Advantages
Apr 24, 2018

The main advantages of carbide ball valves can be divided into the following areas:

1. It has the theoretically lowest flow resistance (flow resistance refers to the ratio of the pressure difference between the two sides of the sound-absorbing material sample and the linear velocity of the air flow through the sample under a steady flow state);

2. Excellent chemical stability and wear resistance, can be in contact with most liquids and some corrosive media;

3. In the high temperature and pressure environment, it can still be completely sealed (nominal pressure from vacuum to 42MPa);

4. Since the ball valve of carbide is used as the opening and closing part, it is less affected by the friction force and can be opened and closed quickly (it can be controlled within 0.05-0.1s), and the impact of the operation is small. In addition, the ball is closed. The parts can withstand high pressure difference when closed, and can also achieve automatic positioning;

5. It has two-way sealing, making the work more stable and reliable.

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