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Application Features Of Tungsten Carbide Coating On Cutting Tools
Apr 24, 2018

With the development of CNC machine tools, traditional standardized tools can no longer meet the requirements of modern manufacturing to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Tungsten carbide coating has the advantages of high hardness, excellent wear resistance and long life, which promotes the numerical control tool. Rapid development.

The coated tungsten carbide material is mainly divided into a coating and a cemented carbide substrate. The process of coating is a process of physical and chemical reaction and formation of a thin film. The performance and surface state of the matrix must satisfy the conditions of the coating. The coating must be combined with a suitable matrix to achieve the desired performance.

The coating substrate should generally meet the following requirements:

1 has good toughness and resistance to plastic deformation;

2 have high enough hardness and strength, especially high temperature hardness and strength;

3 The chemical composition must be matched with the tungsten carbide coating material, and the mutual adhesion must be very firm;

4 to be protected from damage at high deposition temperatures;

5 The coefficient of thermal expansion should be similar to that of the coating material;

6 has good thermal conductivity.

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