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The difference between hard alloy knife and white steel knife
Apr 24, 2018

1. The composition of the two materials is not the same: the former is WC+Co+TiC, and the latter is generally C+Cr+W+Mo+v.

2. The molding method is generally not the same: Cemented carbide is a powder metallurgy process (and of course, some powder metallurgy high-speed steels).

3, hardness is not the same: hard alloy hardness, especially the hardness at high temperatures, but high-speed steel toughness better.

4, can withstand different cutting speeds: Due to high red hardness, can withstand higher cutting speeds, and high-speed steel is now not high speed.

5, the application range is not the same: the general tool material with carbide, complex difficult to form or require very high toughness and other occasions with high-speed steel.

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