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Precautions before using the center drill
Apr 24, 2018

The center drill is a machining of the center hole used in the parts of the bearing class. Now we understand the use of the center drill:

1. Carbide cutting tools need to be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned before use to prevent rusting grease and to avoid cutting chips on the cutting edge, which seriously affects the cutting performance.

2. The user needs to select the turning type of the center according to the size of the part to be machined and the size of the hole drilled and drilled directly.

3, the hardness of the workpiece to be processed reaches the best between 170-200HB.

4. The surface of the workpiece to be machined is straight and it is not possible to have sanding or hard spots. It is necessary to avoid the damage caused by the cutter.

5. The center rotation before drilling should reach the required position accuracy.

During the operation, we need to notice that if any abnormality occurs during the processing, the operation should be stopped immediately. After the cause has been ascertained, the machining can be continued. When the wear of the cutting edge of the tool is noticed, it needs to be repaired in time. Immediately afterwards, it is necessary to clean the oil and it needs to be properly kept.

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